Eduvantis is a business and marketing strategy consulting firm. We help higher education institutions increase enrollments, improve marketing effectiveness, and align products with target markets.

Eduvantis Digital is a full service digital marketing agency and offers a wide variety of services including website strategy, search engine marketing (SEO and PPC), campaign management, social media (paid and organic), and digital creative and design services. Our goal is to help your school gain a digital marketing advantage in increasingly complex, competitive, and expensive markets.

Eduvantis Market Perspectives

  • business school marketing

    The Brand Game, 2016

    It’s been nearly 15 years since I was quoted on the front page of The New York Times declaring, “All I hear in higher education is brand, brand, brand.” That statement is still true. However, competitiveness, disruption, product substitutes, new financial realities, relentless change and…

    • higher ed marketing

      The New Business School Marketing Paradigm

      Eduvantis often helps schools build high-performing marketing functions that explicitly serve well-defined institutional goals, particular product portfolios and the unique environment in which the institution competes. Intense competition requires this level of precision. After reviewing literally hundreds of institutional marketing functions, I am still surprised…

      • How Might the EMBA Product Need To Change?

        Working with EMBA program directors around the world, we hear one common theme: We are under pressure!  Wanting to move beyond “enrollments or corporate sponsorships are up or down” discussions, Eduvantis has recently been analyzing the relationships between product dynamics and market factors, to better…