Eduvantis is a business and marketing strategy consulting firm. We help business schools increase enrollments, improve marketing effectiveness, and align products with target markets. Eduvantis Digital provides agency services such as website strategy, search engine marketing (SEO and PPC), and social media (paid and organic) strategy. Our goal is to help your school gain a competitive advantage.

Eduvantis Market Perspectives

  • EMBA

    How Might the EMBA Product Need To Change?

    Working with EMBA program directors around the world, we hear one common theme: We are under pressure!  Wanting to move beyond “enrollments or corporate sponsorships are up or down” discussions, Eduvantis has recently been analyzing the relationships between product dynamics and market factors, to better…

    • big-data

      Big Data, Big Deal for B-Schools: But the Market is Maturing

      Two years ago Eduvantis reported how the Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA) degree was gaining traction as a new product offer in business schools.  Today, the majority of top-50 b-schools offer an MSBA.  Seemingly overnight, a program in business analytics has become a…

      • BoxArticle_AACSB_v1_02182015

        The “Big Four” Business School Game Changers

        My Eduvantis colleagues and I spent time at the recent AACSB Dean’s Conference asking deans the following question: What is the one thing happening in business schools today that will have the most impact on the industry in 5 years?  We had about 40 such…