AACSB Building B-School Symposium

The Eduvantis team is excited to escape the Chicago cold and head to Tampa this week to attend the annual AACSB Building B-School Symposium. We will be presenting on Tuesday March 6th on “The Value of Online Relationships,” with a particular focus on how to leverage online relationships to gain a competitive advantage.

Due to social media fatigue and increasingly discerning audiences, institutions are trying to cut through the clutter and find new ways to engage their communities. In addition to those challenges, a majority of higher education institutions are using top down social media strategies that make it difficult to provide value and address the unique needs of their various stakeholder groups.

At Eduvantis we are helping institutions address these challenges and find strategic ways to create and leverage value in their social networks. In the presentation, Grant Sabatier our VP Digital Strategy will argue that social media strategy needs to evolve and institutions need to focus on developing stronger “online relationships” that provide a deeper, more meaningful level of value for both stakeholders and institutions.

The presentation will also outline the four elements of a successful online relationship and the five things institutions need to know to leverage their social networks in brand value creation.

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