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Today’s Financial Times features a dramatic symbol of a prominent, strategic western presence by Beijing-based Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business.  This is a first-of–a-kind foray into Europe and North America by one of the top business schools in China. Eduvantis was pleased to work with CKGSB to determine the best strategy and expression to support this new presence.

Given the need to feed China’s seemingly insatiable appetite for savvy, home-grown management talent, it’s no surprise to see a dramatic increase of successful Chinese business schools. CKGSB understood that the unique nature of their offerings—utilizing a faculty network and student population of some of China’s top business leaders and entrepreneurs, could also give them a competitive advantage when competing for students, reputation and mindshare beyond China.

The challenge for Eduvantis was to find a compelling approach to positioning CKGSB as ‘the ultimate China insider’ in management education beyond their Chinese customer base— only by rubbing shoulders with some of the top Chinese business leaders, can you truly know the nature of business in the world’s fastest growing global economy. Competing for attention among the endless array of western-based business school advertising requires a more imaginative, creative approach. First, Eduvantis developed the tag-line  ‘Know What’s Next’ as an expression of the true nature of the CKGSB value-proposition. The essence of that value is captured in three short, memorable words devoid of typical business jargon. Secondly, incorporating bold and dramatic commissioned backdrop illustrations expresses the perfect East-meets-West stylings and sets the advertising apart.  The illustrations support headlines that present clever, personal audience ‘readiness’ challenges:  “Ready for the Great Wall Street?”; and “Ready for China 3.0?”. Finally, the ‘Know What’s Next’ phrase can remain the core expression of the CKGSB value even as the campaign evolves over the long-term.