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Get Ready to Reinvent Your Business School, Courtesy of AI

AI’s impact on business schools cannot be overstated. “It’s a 10 on a scale of 10,” says Eric Anderson, an AI expert, author, and professor of marketing at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, who spoke with Eduvantis recently.

“AI is not just another technological advancement. It is a paradigm shift that will challenge traditional educational structures,” Anderson says. “Disciplines like marketing, operations, finance, and strategy are siloed, but AI transcends these categories. This misalignment raises fundamental questions about how business schools are structured and how they will need to evolve to incorporate AI.”

Business schools will need to incorporate AI comprehensively across curricula. Rather than treating it as a separate subject, AI will become an integral part of the entire learning experience, influencing how every subject is taught.  For instance, the integration of AI into marketing will not just change how marketing strategies are formulated but fundamentally shift the teaching approach to be more data-driven and analytically focused.

This also demands a reevaluation of faculty roles, says Anderson. Business schools need to either upskill existing faculty or hire new talent with expertise in AI and machine learning.  This will be a monumental challenge, for which most institutions are not ready, Anderson says.  This change is not just about adding a few courses; it’s about rethinking the entire educational framework to make AI and its applications a core part of all teaching and learning activities.

For business schools, the adoption of AI is not an option but a necessity, according to Anderson. “The schools that will thrive are those that embrace this change, integrating AI deeply and broadly across their teaching and research activities. This approach will ensure that their graduates are not only proficient in their traditional fields of study but are also equipped to wield AI effectively in their careers.”

To hear a conversation with Professor Anderson about this topic, check out the “AI Will Transform the Business Education World” episode of The Business Education Revolution podcast.