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Quality data informs great decisions

We combine our extensive industry experience, longitudinal market data, and rigorous research methodologies to help you make smart, confident strategic decisions.

Our methodologies, proprietary data sets, benchmarks, and deep industry expertise have been developed based on extensive work with academic institutions around the world.

We’re committed to providing the depth and clarity of information to make confident decisions, enable change and support effective case-making to leadership, staff, and faculty.

  • How well are your programs positioned to grow as compared to your competitors?
  • Do you have the right product portfolio to meet the needs of your targeted students?
  • If some of your programs aren’t growing, specifically why not?
  • Is your marketing optimized and aligned with your enrollment and revenue goals?
  • Do you know what your best leads need to know in order to say yes?
  • How strong is your customer satisfaction?

Develop product portfolios that are market-informed.

As demographics shift and the marketplace becomes more competitive, schools must seek new revenue streams. However, launching new programs in today’s hyper-competitive environment without the right information is a formula for wasted resources and missed opportunities.

We bring a data-informed outside perspective to the decision-making around launching a program, knowing exactly which market indicators to study and what they mean for long-term success.

Leverage market research to get to the heart of your unique market demands, institutional challenges, and opportunities.

We pride ourselves on giving you detailed—and actionable—reports that allow you to understand precisely how you fare against the competition on every important dimension.

And we believe in telling you the unbridled truth based on the data.  We want to help you get results that serve the best interests of your institution.

Nothing you can do makes more difference than listening to members of your target audience, and the more sophisticated the ear, the better. We’ve spent more than a decade developing primary research methods and tools focused on higher education—quantitative and qualitative—that provide deep insights into what your markets want. We’d love to show you how much we can show you.

Eduvantis is continuously surveying higher education markets over time. Based on the size and depth of our sample sizes, we can mine unique value from this market intelligence, and benchmark your school not only against competitors but also against yourself from prior years.

Optimize your enrollment management processes to drive key actions: inquire, apply, enroll, and deposit.

We build strategies that effectively manage the leads your school generates, guiding prospects from the top to the bottom of the funnel.

Our work in this category includes streamlining marketing tactics, maximizing your CRM technology, helping to align your recruiting staff in ways that maximize results, and more.

We also offer an array of digital marketing services.

What challenges can we help you with?

Reach out to us with your questions.