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Are Your Tweets Improving Your Search Marketing Impact?

As we first reported back in February, Google and Twitter started a new partnership allowing Google greater access to tweets. How this partnership would impact search results was a mystery until recently, when Google started showing tweets when searching for branded terms. As a result, your tweets now have greater visibility than ever before. This visibility represents powerful branding and lead generating opportunities for business schools.

Here’s an example of in-search tweets for Chicago Booth:

This development, if used strategically, can add to your search and social marketing efforts, but the message you’re sending should be carefully considered. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Tweets only appear for branded terms, i.e., “Chicago Booth” not “Chicago Business School.”
  • Your Tweets now have massive branding power. Looking at the example above, Chicago Booth can control a very limited amount of information appearing in search results for their brand name. How do your tweets explain the value of your MBA program?
  • Only your two latest Tweets will appear.
  • Tweets don’t show up for every brand. Google is still testing this inclusion, so your school may not benefit yet. There’s no on/off switch. Your best bet for inclusion is to ensure your Twitter profile is verified and you have links both on your school’s site and on your Twitter profile pointing to one another. (You should already have these links in place, but this is another great reason why!)

How to Leverage Tweets in Google Search Results

  • Stay on Brand (Repeatedly). Even if you craft a tweet that perfectly encapsulates your brand image, once you’ve published two more tweets, it will disappear from search results. So, repeat your message (with different language) frequently to ensure the right message appears at all times.
  • Promote Lead Generation & Enrollment. Getting prospective students to the right landing page as quickly and easily as possible is key to maximizing lead generation. Here are a few ways to help your tweets:
    • Link to the Right Page. Link to the top-converting pages on your site. Don’t make users navigate extra pages. Your conversion rates will skyrocket if you can get students to the right place from the start.
    • Employ Calls to Action. “Learn More,” “Advance Your Career,” and “Apply Now” do wonders for conversion rates. “Learn More” in particular is effective as it’s short and to the point (hallmarks of any good tweet.) Here’s a great example from UCLA Anderson that promotes campus visits and mentions both signing up and checking out campus experiences (second tweet):

Twitter has generally been limited to your number of followers. Now, they’re front and center in Google search results for your brand. Make sure you’re driving users to the right place and with the right message.

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